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TSC TTP 244 PRO Barcode Printer Specification

TSC TTP 244 PRO Barcode Printer Specification

The TTP-244 Pro offers one of the largest media and ribbon capacities in its class. Unlike most printers, it can easily handle both a 300-meter ribbon and a full 8-inch OD roll of labels. With its fast 5 inch per second print speed, along with one of the largest memory capacities in its class, the TTP-244 Pro easily outperforms the competition.

With its small, compact footprint and dual-motor design, the TTP-244 Pro is perfect for a wide variety of label and tag printing applications – everything from shipping labels to compliance and general purpose product-identification labels & tags.

The TTP-244 Pro supports PDF417 and Maxi Code two-dimensional barcodes used to print complex transportation formats – a feature that makes it ideal for automobile service shops, stock rooms, and walk-in shipping and mail centers.

    • Shipping and Receiving
    • Compliance Labeling
    • Asset Tracking
    • Inventory Control
    • Document Management
    • Shelf Labeling and Product Marking
    • Specimen Labeling and Patient Tracking


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